Hey there, Beautiful!

I am a certified eyebrow artist; I specialize in microblading and love a good brow transformation! If you've been craving dreamy, semi-permanent brows that don't smudge, smear or stray out of place, book your appointment today!

Best decision ever!


"Microblading was the best decision everrrrr. I never realized how much time I spent coloring my eyebrows til now. I get ready way faster and I was happy to throw my pencil eyeliners away. Yes, I'm having a good day. Thanks again!"


Amazing job


"Thanks for the new look! You did an amazing job on my eyebrows! Can't wait for the final look."





Confidence to wake up and go


"I'm so glad I took the time to invest in myself and my beauty. You have given me the confidence without makeup to wake up and go! You are truly an artist and the BOMB!"